Where The Metal Finish For Custom Pins Begins

To make a really smart impression during the composition and manufacture of custom designed pins, it helps to have a strong background in the jewelry business, preferably from the design and manufacture side and not necessarily from the sales and marketing side, although the latter two exercises always seem to help these days, particularly when you are moving skills and services forward on the WWW. Customers with a fine eye for artistic detail will always appreciate those jewelry designers that have been able to experience a bit of both worlds.

In other words, they have been working painstakingly with nothing more than their tools and eyes. All work was done manually in those days. And today, of course, a lot of design work is being done utilizing software design programs. There are special screens installed that allow the designer to apply the proper and appropriate metal finish for custom pins in line with the customer brief and ongoing collaboration (this is preferable).

metal finish for custom pins

Having the fine craft of an established talisman since before the explosive reliance on computers and all its technologies only does wonders for artistic impression and technological effectiveness. This in the sense that the designer and manufacturer is able to conjure the correct metal finish from a fairly wide variety of closures, complements and colors. The expertise is also in the selection of the materials and the quality thereof.

The use of the software technology, however, acts as a good buffer for improved communications with clients and increased demands for service. Speaking of which, every effort is being made to deliver a quality finished package in as little time as possible, and at a most affordable price to boot. Custom designed pins are not just showcased in good old and reliable metal and steel. It’s been put forward in gold and silver as well.

It’s an attractive and eye catching thought when you think that up to eighteen carats of gold goes into the production of custom designed metal and gold finish pins. These are pins that will be proudly and prominently displayed on a recipient’s chest, not your silver or metal pins for darning your old socks and shirt buttons.  But then again, we do digress. Talk to any one of those ornate designers and they will be able to come up with a finished article that resembles just such a pin that your grandmother may have used once upon a time.

Although at this point it will now be fashioned into a keepsake or memento to be preserved and displayed. Such a pin can even be encrusted with a touch of diamond. And you wonder why it is a good idea to have a strong background in jewelry design and manufacture to come up with customer design pins all made to order. That is as far as this not goes. Still interested, you can take an online tour of a jeweler’s colorful catalogue of fine works completed.